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February 18, 2012

February 18, 2012

Mountain workout.

Approach car to trailhead on road (1.5 miles): 23:13

Approach trailhead to climb on broken and unbroken trail (1 mile): 25:56

Set up and climb WI2+/3-: 33:54

Set rappel and climb second lap with ATC on rap line: 24:32

Clean up, scout area, talk to the locals: 42:26

Jog back to trailhead: 15:08

Jog back to car: 13:27

Drive home for time, then:

6 rounds, 45sec toolhang + 6 K2E, 15 sec rest

Max FLR in 300 seconds: 285/300 seconds

Max Wallsit in 300 seconds: 285/300 seconds.


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