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May 31, 2013

June 3, 2013

This time, with the man himself.  Mr. Moore needed a partner for a Twight workout, so we got down after work on Friday.


2×5 Wall squats
2×10 Air Squats
2×10 Goblet Squats @25# DB
2x20m lunges @35# DB
2x20m OH Lunges @45# OB
warmup dead lift
8 reps @ 135#
6 reps @ 175#
4 reps @ 205#

Then, heavy work:

5×2 Deadlifts @245# (80% 1RM)

Then, lots more work:

30 inclined pushups (on 24″ box)
40 pullups (strict)
50 swings (used 45# plate, good forearm workout)
60 V-Ups
70 burpees for time (7:14)

Original Gym Jones workout included the following (but was not completed), 2 rounds

6 intervals 0:30/0:30 work/rest at >160m pace.

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